Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the most beautiful country in the world. It is stretched from Arabian sea in south to Karakoram mountains in north. The northern part of the country is very beautiful. Most people in south and central Pakistan only know about beautiful places of Switzerland Europe, they don’t even know about their own country. You don’t need to go so far, here is the list of top ten most beautiful places in Pakistan

10. Swat

Swat is called Switzerland of Asia. Swat valley is lush green and forested. The valley is not only famous in terms of natural beauty. Swat valley is rich in history too. The valley was called Udyana in ancient times. Swat came under Achaemenid influence for a while. The valley was captured by Alexander in 327 BC.

Swat beautiful places to visit in Pakistan
Gabeen Jaba meadows ,Lalko, Swat

 9. Neelam Valley

Neelam valley is located in Azad Kashmir Pakistan. The valley is lush green and densely forested. The valley is named after river Neelam. The name Neelam is derived from Urdu language. In Urdu Sapphire stone is called Neelam. As the water color of Neelam river is blue therefore it is named Neelam.

Neelam Valley Most Beautiful Place in Pakistan
Taobat Upper Neelam Valley

8. Naran

Naran valley is one of the most beautiful place in Pakistan. Naran is one of the most visited place in Pakistan. Naran valley is one of the best hiking place in Pakistan. There are many lakes in Naran valley. Laik Saiful Malook is very famous lake.  In winter Pakistani tourists visit Naran to see snow.

Saiful Malook Lake Most beautiful places in Pakistan

7. Shandoor

Shandoor is located in between Gilgit Baltistan and Khyber Pakhtun Khwa. Shandoor polo ground is the highest polo ground in the world. Each year a polo match between Gilgit and Chitral is played here. Shandoor is in fact a high altitude plateau. There is a lake in Shandoor.  It is famous for Shandoor festival.

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Shandoor Lake
Shandoor Lake

6. Hunza Valley

Hunza valley is one of the most beautiful place in Pakistan. The valley is famous for its culture, tradition and natural beauty. Hunza valley is the most visited place in Gilgit Baltistan region. The valley is famous for towering mountains like Rakaposhi. Khunjarab pass connects Pakistan with China. Karakoram Highway also passes through Hunza valley. Karakoram Highway is known as 8th wonder of the world. There is a lake in Hunza known as Ataabad lake. Atabad lake formed due to a natural disaster. Today Atabad lake is a famous tourist destination.

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Most beautiful places in Pakistan- Hunza

5. Shangrila Resort, Skardu

Shangrila resort is one of the most beautiful place to visit in Pakistan. It is located in Kachura, Skardu Baltistan. Shangrila resort is located 15 Km in south west of Skardu city. It takes 40 minutes to reach Shangrila from Skardu city. This is one of the most beautiful and developed lake resort in Pakistan.

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Shangri la
Shangrila Resort, Skardu

4. Naltar Valley

Naltar is famous for its ski resort. Naltar valley is a forested valley located in Gilgit. Naltar valley is one of the most beautiful place in Pakistan. The scenic beauty, greenery and towering mountains of Karakoram make Naltar a dream destination to visit. There are many lakes in Naltar valley .Check out this Naltar Lake.

Naltar valley a beautiful place to visit in gilgit

3. Deosai

Deosai means “the land of giants”. It is second highest plateau in the world after Changthang Tibetan plateau. Deosai is home to Himalayan brown bear.  Read more about Deosai.

Deosai National park Skardu

2. Fairy Meadow

Fairy meadow is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan. The mighty Nanga Parbat is located in front of Fairy Meadow. Read also Fairy Meadows Nanga Parbat Trek

Fairy Meadow
Stunning view of Nanga Parbat from Fairy Meadows

1. K2 Base Camp

K2 is the second highest peak in the world. K2 is 8611m high and one of the most difficult mountain to climb. K2 base camp is one the dream destination of every trekkers. Read more about  K2 Chhoghori The King of Karakoram.

K2 Mountain
Photo By Stefanos Nikologianis

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