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Why did Imran Khan blame Bollywood vulgarity as the reason for rising rape cases?

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PrimeMinister Imran Khan’s statement on rape has taken out of context by media outlets in Pakistan and around the world. Some news sites published fake news due to which many Twitteraties blamed Imran Khan for victim-blaming.

What exactly did Imran Khan say?

In a public interview on live television, someone asked Prime Minister Imran Khan that what steps his government has taken to stop sexual violence in the country.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that sexual violence was a result of “increasing vulgarity in the society”. He said that Hollywood and adult movies are affecting families in the west. He also said that Bollywood is the reason for growing rapes in India, that’s why Delhi is called the rape capital.

How Bollywood and Hollywood is generalising rape?

In Bollywood/Hollywood women are molested and it is considered normal. For example, teasing and creepy love stories are considered cool in Bollywood. Even after the girl saying no to the boy, the boy chases and stalks her. These things give the impression to the viewers that this is also normal in real life.
A famous Bollywood dialog is “Ladki k Naa ma hi haan hai” which shows how Bollywood is normalizing harassment. Similarly chasing girls and touching them without her accent is considered a bold step. But in real life this harassment. Movies affect the society indirectly in many ways. In this way, Bollywood generalized the rape culture in India.

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