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Weight Loss Tips and Food Swaps That Could Help You to Lose Weight

Weight Loss Tips

Does planning a diet to lose weight give you a scary picture of sabotaging your favourite food? Well, then, its good news for you. Because we’ve some amazing food swaps and weight loss tips that’ll get you the desired weight without sticking to keto or any other diets.

Food Swaps: No More Compromise on Taste!

These quick food swaps will make you realize that weight loss is not about bland and boring food anymore. Enjoy the savoury with the benefit of losing weight.

Preserved Juice: A Myth Synonym for Healthy

Regardless of the food packaging companies claims, the ingredients used to manufacture juices and other beverages contain a lot of sugar and calories. Even if they say it is 100% juice, the package may lack contents of filling fibre from the actual fruit.

Therefore, instead of buying number of juice tetra packs fill your basket with fresh fruits. Not only it will give you the natural taste of the fruit, but also will give you an accurate amount of nutrients, a body requires.

Power Bar: Try Going Nuts

Power bars or energy bars may seem quick, healthy and on-the-go available, but they constitute of high-fructose syrup that leads to weight gain. Some may not contain it, but they’re usually high in sugar and binding additives.

So, to avoid gaining pounds on the nutty bars, you should make a move towards a handful of almonds. According to a study, a daily dose of nuts can cut your risk of conditions including diabetes, and obesity.

Cheese: Yes, by All Means

Imagine red wine, pizza, burger, sandwich, pasta and a whole lot of other foods without cheese. Sounds dull, right? But, not now, because you can add cheese to everything you want without worrying about putting on weight.

The secret to go banana on cheese is by switching to goat cheese. It is creamy, tangy and low in calorie. As compared to other cheeses like cheddar, mozzarella and swiss, goat cheese only contains 70 calories per 1 ounce.

Chocolate: Only If It’s Dark

Weight loss majorly demands to cut back on your sweet cravings and switch to no sugar life. While it is true to some, extend dark chocolate has another story to tell.

It is found that dark chocolate contains a particular type of antioxidant in cocoa that keeps from gaining weight, improves insulin sensitivity and lowers the blood sugar. Other than this, dark chocolate also contains a decent amount of fibre that helps in making you feel full.

Eggs: Boil, Don’t Fry

Certainly, buttery, cheesy cheese omelette or scrambled eggs are a delightful breakfast to start your day, but it is also a pack of hidden calories.

Every spoon of butter used to make these amazing eggs contain 102 calories that add up to a lot of pounds to your body. Therefore, instead of having calorie-soaked breakfasts switch to boiled eggs. Any type of eggs cracked, hard boiled, soft boiled or even poached offer you low-cal options, packed with protein and weight loss potential.

Pizza: Make Your Choice Wisely

The pizza base is usually made with refined white flours that are loaded with 455 calories per cup. Other than this, white flour also fuels your cravings the entire day due to the amounts of salt present in it.

So, without having to give up on pizza altogether, you can just switch to thin crust base, often. It will reduce the number of calories in your diet and will help you maintain a healthy weight.

Bread: From White to Brown

One slice of white bread contains 100 calories whereas one slice of brown bread contains only 74 calories. Now, you do the math!

As a matter of fact, white bread flour is more processed than it is in brown. Besides, white bread lacks nutrients like vitamins, minerals, protein, and fibre that are abundant in brown bread.

Burger: Without Bun

Your favourite burger is making you fat!

Made from refined white flour, a burger’s bun is an empty 120 calorie carrier. It just adds calories to your diet which leads to weight gain. But, if you still don’t please to subside it from your food, switch to a healthy version of it.

While ordering the burger, keep in mind to ask for a protein-style or a lettuce-style burger. Its popularity may surprise you plus it will be a low-cal meal for your cravings.

Other than these food swaps, we’ve picked some quick ways to help you lose weight.

Quick Weight Loss Tips

Of course, diet plays a major role in weight loss, but without making any lifestyle changes, it is all vague. Here are some easy weight loss tips to start with.

  • Set your clock water-wise. It is needless to say; the more your body will be full, the less it craves for food. Besides, drinking water increases the number of calories you burn, resulting in weight loss.
  • Add drops of lemon. Other than being a taste enhancer, lemon contents work best in reducing weight fast.
  • Be on your toes. Prolonged sitting is one of the major causes of gaining belly fat and, of course, weight. However, according to a study, if you stand and move for some time, you burn 0.15 kcal per minute.
  • Cut down on salt. This might come as a surprise. Yes, other than sugary foods, salt is also one of the contributing factors in weight gain. Consuming more salt (sodium) causes water retention which keeps you feeling swollen and bloated.
  • Be a morning person. Sleeping early not only helps in attaining good health, but it also helps in weight loss. When you sleep early, you automatically slay the chances of late-night snack or cravings for unhealthy food.
  • Eat only when you’re actually hungry. Often people eat due to boredom, sadness, anger or to tame stress. This comfort food turns out to be the most vicious one.
  • Let meat rest in peace. You might not know, but meat is a substantial part of weight and muscle gain. Rather than hogging on drums of heaven (chicken), try a plant-based diet for weight loss.
  • Don’t pile on leftovers. Setting up a table with large portions of a meal will not get you anywhere. In fact, you may end up eating way more than required.

So, as we’ve laid the ground for you, it is now your turn to take over the charge of your weight loss. Let nothing trick you!

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