University of Baltistan successfully translated the 1000 years old Yige inscription in Budhha Rock Skardu

Skardu Department of GB Studies University of Baltistan, has successfully transcribed and translated the the Agay/Yige (Old Tibetan Script) inscription in Tonpa/Budhha Rock Manthal Skardu. Professor Dr Zakir Hussain Zakir said that Prof. JONATHAN MARK KENOYER and Prof. YANGBUM GYAL helped the team of the University of Baltistan to successfully translate the script.
According to the translation of safely readable lines, it says:

“This stone inscription may last long, and located at a bustling corner of travelers. All admire and extensively prays for it. Henceforth, faithful people, from time to time, should paint the stone with bright colors and preserve it for offerings.”

Budha Rock Skardu Script Translated

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