UnExplored Ghanche Lake Hidden Beauty of Ghanche Baltistan

Hidden Beauty of Ghanche Lake

By Nasim Rashpori

Ghanche Lake hidden natural beauty of Khaplu Baltistan, need to be promoted this lake among domestic, national and International tourists.

Ghanche Lake




Two local adventure lovers discovered a beautiful and unique lake in Ghanche Nualah, a place located at about seven hours walk from Khaplu town — the headquarters of Ghanche district.

Ghanche Lake
Photo Credit Nasim Rashpori


And that mystical place is the Ghanche Lake locally known as “Khenpi Tso”, which means the right hand side lake. It is because there are two lakes in Ghanche Nualah located at a little distance from each other, but Khenpi Tso has a unique feature.

The Ghanche Lake is located at 4,600 meters above the sea level in Ghanche Nualah and surrounded by lush green pastures with a variety of mountain flowers, glacier, crystal clear stream water and hills, all presenting a breathtaking atmosphere for the tourists.

Photo Credit Nasim Rashpori

The prominent characteristic of Ghanche Lake is that one can have an awe-inspiring view of the world’s four 8,000 meters and other famous peaks in a series. From right to left one can see the 8,611 meters high K2 which is also the world’s second highest peak, then Broad Peak (8,047m), Gashabrum-4 (7,925m), Gashabrum-3 (7,952m), Hrnami Ka Peak (6,325m), Chogho Lingsa Peak (6,325m), Gashabrum-2 (8,035m), K6 (7,281m) and K7 (6,934m) and other peaks of Karakoram.

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