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Ultimate Guide for Binge Travelers

Irfan Younus on Bike Trip

World travel can be an unforgettable experience for anyone. So many places to visit, in such little time. Sometimes, it may seem like you don’t have enough time to see everything you want to see. However, because there’s never enough time, it’s your job to make it as amazing and meaningful as possible. Before you drive off to the airport, make sure you pack all your necessities accordingly for the trip. You don’t want to forget something you really needed once you’re already at your destination. Check the weather and pack your clothing accordingly as well. Be punctual, you do not want to miss your flight. If you’re traveling with someone else, such as friends or a lover, make a daily plan of what you’re going to do every day once you’re there. That way you’ll have your day put together and ready to go, without having to worry about it later. Kind of like an agenda for your activities, for the days or months you’re there. It makes it easier for everyone to expect what they’re going to be doing and adjust their sleeping schedule so you all wake up on time.

Be Punctual

If you want to see everything possible that you have time to see, you have to be punctual. If you’re going with people, make sure they all set an alarm at a certain time to get up and get the day going. The worst thing is when you have to wait on people to wake up and then you miss out on things you could’ve seen. If this happens, then you’ll have to decide what’s more important to see, rather than seeing everything possible. The true goal of traveling is making sure you get the most of your trip. For instance, I went to Israel with a huge group of people. We had a staff and a travel guide and every day, they would give us a certain time we had to be ready and downstairs to leave. We spent 10 days there, and I can honestly say I got the most out of my trip. You want to make the trip worth the money that you spent. Don’t be that person that wakes up at noon to get the day started. Try to be more of a morning person and be up and ready by 10 am, at the latest. You can sleep as much as you want when you come back, after you’ve had a true traveling experience. Being punctual allows for a more efficient and a more fun-filled vacation.


Learn What It is to be a Minimalist

If you’re traveling a lot you don’t want to be lugging heavy luggage from place to place. Think about how much easier it would be to just have the bag that you’re carrying on your back and that’s it. That is what being a minimalist is about. Learn how to condense your life into the bare minimum so that while you’re traveling, your stuff will be the last thing you need to worry about. Follow the example of Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus when they took their 21-day journey into minimalism. They packed up the essentials in their lives and cut the unneeded baggage. Another couple, Hannah and Chad from Wall Street Minimalist sold all of their belongings and quit their jobs and traveled the world for a whole year! Becoming a minimalism makes it easy to drop everything and travel (because there’s really nothing that you need to drop).

Get to Know the Cultures of the Places You Want to Go

You might think that the point of traveling is to get to know the culture once you’re already there but that’s not quite right. You will find that your experience is so much more enriching if you know the history of the people and possibly even their language. If you can speak even a few words of their language, you will find that you are more than welcomed into the community. The locals will be able to show you the best places to eat and pretty soon you’ll be able to find a good restaurant simply by the type of ice machine or grill they have. By coming prepared, you will be transformed by your time there. This will not simply be a vacation, it will be an experience.  Knowing the culture beforehand makes each conversation richer and every experience mean so much more.

Where Are You Heading To?

Depending on where you go, it’s always good to rent a car to be able to explore without having to constantly pay an Uber or a Taxi. If it’s a place where you need to see various places, then renting a car is highly suggested. Also, consider the car you want to get depending on the location. For instance, if you want to go hiking or drive throughout a mountain, a jeep wrangler is a good choice. Jeeps are great for outdoor activities. Otherwise, you can just get any other regular car the rental place may offer, if preferred. If you’re going somewhere chilly make sure you bring a good amount of long sleeves and coats. You won’t know how much layers you’ll need until you’re there, especially if you’re going to be outdoors most of the time. Whether it’s skiing or walking around New York City in the winter time, bringing layers and layers of clothing is a must. On the other hand, if it’s hot, pack some bikinis or shorts in your luggage. Just make sure you have everything you need. Before you leave on your trip, hopefully you’ve saved a good amount of money to be able to experience all there is to experience. Some attractions may be more expensive than others. Be open-minded and free-spirited so you’ll enjoy your vacation.

Now you’re ready to buy that plane ticket and take off. Let the worries of working and stress roll off your shoulders as soon as you step foot into the airport. You’re taking hold of the dream that you’ve had ever since you were just a kid.  Enjoy it and enjoy the road to become a binge traveler.

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