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Travelling to Gilgit Baltistan via Babusar Pass in 2021

Babusar Pass Naran Road

Babusar Pass

Babusar Pass connects Gilgit Baltistan with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan at an altitude of 4173 m. Babusar pass road was first constructed by the British as an alternate route to connect Gilgit with British India. In winter Babusar pass is closed due to heavy snow falling at the top. The pass is only opened from mid-June to September. Babusar road is one of the hair pinned roads in the world.

Babusar Pass Naran Road

Naran Road Towards Babusar Pass


If you are traveling first time to Gilgit Baltistan by road via Babusar pass check then carefully read these precautions:

  • During the monsoon, the area receives heavy rain. Roads may close due to land sliding.
  • Before leaving for a trip check the weather forecast.
  • Make sure your car’s brakes, exhaust systems, and heater are in good condition.
  • Use lower gear while crossing the Babusar pass.
  • Security officials may stop you to cross Babusar Pass after 05:00 PM PST so make sure to reach Babusar Pass before this time.

Plan Your Trip

First, plan your trip. Prepare well before traveling. Take some warm clothes, jackets, sunglasses, and trekking items. Decide whether you want to stay at a hotel or want to stay in a tent camp. If you want to stay at camps then take camping equipment like tents, sleeping bags, etc with you. Now if you are ready then see the route map.  Take eatable items from nearby towns.

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Naran Babusar Chilas Road N15 Route

Road to Naran and Babusar is officially called N15 in Pakistan. The Naran Jhalkand Chilas road starts from Mansehra Hazara Khyber Pakhtunkwa Pakistan.

Places to see on Naran Babusar Road

The whole route is beautiful lush green and stunning. Here is the list of some famous places.


Balakot has located 38 km from Mansehra. The city is the gateway to Naran valley and Babusar pass. Balakot is a famous tourist destination. The river Kunhar runs via Balakot. The city was destroyed during the 2005 earthquake.


Naran is a town located 119 Km from Mansehra. Naran has many hotels to stay ranging from high luxury hotels to average. Naran receives heavy rain in monsoon and winter. In winter tourists from Pakistan visit Naran to see snow.

Lulusar Lake

Lulusar Lake is the largest lake in Naran valley.

Babusar Top

The view from the Babusar top is stunning. You can see Malika e Parbat snow-capped peaks of Gilgit Baltistan and lush green meadows. The distance between Gilgit city and Babusar is 180 Km. There is a distance board at Babusr top. The distance between Babusar and different cities is given.

Thak Valley

After crossing pass Thak valley of Diamer starts. Thak is the starting valley of Gilgit Baltistan. While traveling on Babusar road towards Gilgit Baltistan you will descend till zero-point. At zero-point Karakoram Highway meets with Babusar road (N15). Now you can further travel towards Gilgit Baltistan on Karakoram Highway. It takes 2 hours to reach Jaglote from zero point. Jaglote is the junction of three roads: Skardu road, Astore road, and KKH. If you follow KKH you will reach Gilgit and Hunza Valley. If you would like to visit Skardu then follow Skardu road.

Thak valley Babusar Pass

Thak valley Diamer Gilgit Baltistan

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