Traditional Foods of Baltistan Skardu Shigar Khaplu

Here are some traditional foods of Baltistan which you can find in Skardu, Shigar and Khaplu.

Muskut and Prapo

Muskut is made up of walnut paste, mint and other Himalayan herbs. Prapo is a noodle type dish, it is eaten with Muskut. In Skardu city, you can find Muskut at Dewan e Khaas Hotel and Restaurant.

Rdung Bhalay

It is also called Kro Balay . It is made up of cooked wheat, mutton , apricot oil, mint and other Himalayan herbs. In Skardu it is available at Dewan e Khas restaurant.

Tras Bhalay (Balti Noodles)

This is actually Balti noodles made up of hand made noodles. It contains Himalayan herbs which increases its taste. It is available as a street food in Skardu and Khaplu town.

Apricot Cake

It is available in Khaplu fort and Shigar fort Serena hotel.


This dish is unique to Baltistan and Tibet. It is made up of Buckwheat. A bowl of apricot oil is served in the center of the plate.

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