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Temperature drops to -16 in Mashabrum Valley of District Ghanche GilgitBaltistan

Pipe Freeze Winter Gilgit Baltistan

Khaplu Temperature drops to -16 in Mashabrum valley of District Ghanche GilgitBaltistan . Thousands of homes left without water because of freeze pipes. A resident from Haldi village told that pipes are freezed and most houses facing water scarcity.  He said that one of the main reasons to freeze pipes is low flow of water inside pipes. When water stops to flow or slows down then it freezes. He said that government must take proper steps to properly dig ground during installation of pipes to prevent freezing water inside pipes. While installing pipes the authorities must ensure to properly install it in order to prevent from freezing during winter. The villager said that spring waters don’t freeze during winter but glacial water freeze. In Haldi village millions are spent to bring spring water to water tank, but due to corruption the project couldn’t complete. In most parts of Baltistan there are thousands of fresh water resources in the form of springs which never freeze. But due to lack of proper management and government negligence the people are unable to take full advantage of these resources. This type of basic issues show that the people of Gilgit Baltistan are still living in Stone Age due to government negligence, the villager said.


Pipe Freeze Winter Gilgit Baltistan

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