List of Scholarships and Student Loan in Pakistan

Most students aspire to get higher education to secure a prosperous future. Sadly most Pakistani students come from low income families. Therefore families try to find a financial support in order to educate their children. If that family assets are insufficient, they search for student loan or scholarship. There are various national and international scholarships and student loan scheme available for undergraduate and graduate students.Here is the list and details of some student loan scheme and scholarship in Pakistan and abroad :

scholarships in Paistan Gilgit Baltistan

Scholarships in Pakistan

Scholarships are the best option for financing higher education. Scholarship is granted in light of need, merit and performance. Since scholarships are given by universities, government and organizations. Therefore students don’t need to to repay. Because most poor families can’t afford expenses of higher studies.

Here is the list of famous scholarships in Pakistan:

HEC Need Based Scholarship

Higher education commission of Pakistan provides full scholarship and stipend to needy students. Check out more details about HEC need based scholarship on HEC website here.

USAID Need and Merit Based Scholarship

Scholarships for undergraduate students in many universities of Pakistan. Check list of universities for this scholarship on HEC website by clicking here.

Fulbright Scholarship

Funding will be given to undergraduate to Post Graduate degrees in United States with a promise to come back to Pakistan and work for three years in Pakistan.

Noon Foundation

Scholarships for students admitted into Oxford University Graduate and Post Graduate projects.

Agha Khan Foundation

Provides grants and schoarship for Agha Khan students looking for advanced education in U.S. furthermore, UK.

PM Scheme For Gilgit Baltistan Fata and Baluchistan

Prime minister fee reimbursement scheme for indigenous students of Baluchistan, FATA and Gilgit Baltistan is given to studnents of mentioned regions.

Marafie Scholarship For Students of Baltistan

Marafie foundation provides scholarships to students belonging to Baltistan region and Haramush valley Gilgit. The scholarship is provided to undergraduate students enrolled in engineering, medical, computer science and software engineering. For more details about this scholarship click here.

These are some famous scholarship. Some universities have their own scholarships and interest free loan scheme.

Student Loans

Most scholarships are need or merit based. If you could not get scholarships then you can get student loan some banks also provide interest free student loan. In Pakistan, following banks provide student loan:

  • National Bank of Pakistan – NBP Student Loan Scheme
  • HabibMetro Bank – Education Loan for Post Graduate Studies
  • Firts Women Bank – Education Loan for Females
  • MCB Bank – Student Loan for LUMS candidates

Other than particular student loan, banks, for example, Silkbank, Faysal Bank Standard Chartered Bank offer individual personal loan  up to Rs. 2,000,000 to people. Such loans can be utilized for education purposes too.

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