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Samina Baig reached K2 Basecamp

Samina Baig K2 Expedition 2021

World-renowned female climber Samina Baig and her expedition team reached K2 Basecamp. She is sponsored by the Special Communications Organization (SCO). SCO K2 Dream Expedition Team will attempt K2 for the first time. Samina Baig is the first Pakistan and Muslim women to attempt K2 in 2021.

After reaching the basecamp she said that the basecamp will be her home for the next one and half month. SCOM 4G internet is working incredibly fast, although the tower is located 12km away from K2 base camp, she said.

A six-member Pakistani mountaineering team led by Brand Ambassador of Special Communications Organization (SCO) Samina Baig will attempt to summit the second highest peak in the world K2. This is the first time that a team of Pakistani climbers are going to climb 8611 meters second highest mountain K2. Climbers from Pakistan are usually guides or high altitude porters. They used to go to K2 as a high altitude porter, now due to the sponsorship of telecommunication company SCO, Pakistani climbers have got the opportunity to go on the expedition as a member.

Earlier, when Samina Baig reached the Askoli village, she was given a warm welcome by locals. They departed her team with good wishes. Talking to the media at Jhula Camp Samina Baig said that she is determined and enthusiastic for her K2 expedition. My six-member team is fully prepared. Inshallah, with the prayers of the nation, I will wave the green flag at the height of K2, she said.

On the other hand, another Pakistani young climber Sajid Sadpara son of the late mountaineer Ali Sadpara also announced that he will climb K2 with Elia Saikaly to search his father and other missing climbers. The three climbers had lost contacts while climbing K2 in January 2021. On 5th Feb 2021. Families had confirmed the death of Ali Sadpara, John Snorri and JP Mohr . Sajid said that they will try to find the bodies of missing climbers.

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