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Rock Climbing in Karakoram Mountains Baltoro Concordia

Uli Biaho Tower, Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing in Karakoram Mountains

The Karakoram mountains range is home to some of the extensive granite and highest peaks . The Karakoram is one of the wildest mountain ranges in the world. There are glaciers, rocks, snow caped peaks and wildlife. There are no human settlement in central Karakoram. Only barren rocks, glaciers and mountains and this is the beauty of Karakoram. The extreme wilderness of Karakoram, its 8000m high peaks including K2 ,granite rocks and longest glaciers make Karakoram a dream destination for every climbers, backpackers, adventurers and researchers.  If you are a rock climber then Karakoram is a paradise for rock climbing.

How to Reach Karakoram in Pakistan?

If you would like to visit Karakoram in Northern Pakistan then first get your travel visa. After getting visa contact a reliable tour operator from Pakistan. The tour operator will arrange your trip according to your budget. Before booking your trip check out these stunning rock towers. Here is the list of some famous granite towers in Karakoram:

1. Trango Tower

Trango Towers are a group of rock towers located in Karakoram range. The highest among them is Great Trango Tower (6286m). In Balti language “Trang” means straight and “go” means tower so it means straight tower. Trango towers vertical faces are world’s longest cliffs. Trango Towers are the most challanging rock climbing cliffs in the world. Every year a large number of rock climbers visit Trango to climb the longest vertical cliffs of these rocks.

2. Uli Biaho Tower

Uli Biaho Tower is also located in central Karaoram near Baltoro glacier . It is 6109 meters high. It was first climbed by US climber John Roskelly on 3 July 1979.

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3. Lady Finger

lady finger is located in Batura Muztagh range of Karakoram in Hunza Valley. It is famous for its lady finger like shape. Lady finger is also famous for snowless rock spire and snow peaks and surrounding snow capped peaks.  This combination makes it eye catching above the Hunza Valley.

4. Passu Cones

Passu cones also called Cathedrals are located in Batura Muztagh a sub range of Karakoram. Passu Cathedrals are 6106 m high. It is one of the easily accessible mountain in Karakoram. It can be seen from Karakoram Highway.

Passu cathedral

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