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Gilgit Skardu,Deosai, Khunjarab, Babusar Pass, Kumrat, Fairy Meadows, Naran, Kaghan, Astore valley road, Ghizer Shandoor Road and KKH Khunjarab latest Road conditions July 30, 2021 .

New Gilgit Baltistan government has advised tourists to avoid travelling Gilgit Baltistan; as PMD has predicted another spell of heavy rainfall in the region in coming days.

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Skardu Road Condition July 30, 2021

Gilgit Skardu road latest update. FWO has made significant progress on widening and re-carpeting of Jaglot Skardu Road. Work on widening and recarpeting of Jaglote Skardu road(Baltistan highway) is underway. 80% work completed on Jaglote Skardu road. Jaglot Skardu Road is under construction. Sometimes it is closed due to blasting work. Stay connected with us, we regularly update this section daily.

July 30, 2021 Jaglot Skardu Road is opened for all kinds of traffic.

Karakoram Highway Road Update July 30, 2021

KKH Road Update today.

New Karakoram highway Jaglot-Tatta Pani section is closed for traffic due to heavy rainfall.

Babusar Road Condition July 30, 2021

Naran Babusar Road latest update.

New Babusar Pass road is opened for traffic.

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Skardu Deosai Road Conditions July 30, 2021

Skardu Deosai Road is opened for traffic.

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Fairy Meadows Road Conditions July 30, 2021

New Fairy meadow road is closed due to landslide triggered by heavy rainfall.

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Khunjarab Passs Road

New Road to Khunjarab pass is opened for traffic .

Ghizer Shandur Road

Ghizer Shandur Chitral Road is blocked near Phander area.

Astore Minimarg Burzil Pass Road Condition

Astore valley road is opened for traffic .

Skardu Khaplu Road

Skardu Khaplu Road is opened.

Khaplu Hushe Road

Khaplu Hushe road is opened for all kinds of traffic.

Shigar Askoli Road

Shigar Askoli Road is opened for traffic.

Gilgit Naltar Road

Gilgit Naltar Road is opened for traffic.

Chitral Shandur Ghizer Road

Chitral Shandur road is opened for traffic.

Kumrat Road Condition

Kumrat road is opened for traffic.

Neelam Valley Road Conditions

Neelam valley Road is opened for traffic.

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    1. Boht zada rush ha Naran ma aaj kal. Garian phansi hovi ha. Traffic jam ha Ptetrol diesel nhi mil raha. Agr aap na GB jana ha tu KKH sa chala jayen Naran na ayen.

      1. Mahrukh Raja

        Kohistan to skardu road ki kya condition hai anyone knows?

  1. Zunair Zahid

    KKH is blocked again at 5 different points is this true news?

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