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This Family went for a Trip on Single Bike on Deadliest Roads of Gilgit Baltistan

Irfan Younus Family Trip Gilgit Baltistan

One Bike 4 People Deadliest Roads Trip to Heaven on Earth Gilgit Baltistan

When it comes to exploring Gilgit Baltistan and other northern areas of Pakistan, Most Pakistani people make excuses. But this family has another goal. They call themselves Road Leopards. Irfan Younus belongs to Lahore, Punjab Pakistan. He is a professional photographer. He owns a private company of wedding photography. He is a great fan of travelling. So he decided to go to Gilgit Baltistan and Northern Areas of Pakistan along with his family on single bike from Lahore.

Irfan Younus Family Trip Gilgit Baltistan

Road Leopards at Ali Malik Top Deosai ,Skardu

Irfan Younus with his wife and child started their road trip from Lahore on a single bike. Travelling on deadliest roads of Gilgit Baltistan on bike is not easy. They visited Gilgit Baltistan from 22 September to 2nd October.  The road leopards traveled on some of the deadliest roads in Baltistan. They traveled on single bike to Deosai National Park.

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Irfan Younus on Bike Trip

Road Leopards in Naran Valley

They visited Babusar Top, Naran , Shogran, Khunjarab, Hunza Valley , Skardu, Khaplu, Shigar, Manthoka and Deosai National Park on single bike with his young kid and wife. This is inspirational trip for other tourists.

China Army Khunjarab Pass Hunza Gilgit

Leopards are enjoying Photo session by China Army

Gilgit Baltistan has one of the most beautiful places on earth. GB is the safest place to visit in Pakistan. Asia peace index declared Gilgit Baltistan 100% crime free region in 2016. Any one can visit any where without any hesitation either on bike or their own vehicles. Irfan has set a great example for others.

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Fishing at Deosai

Road Leopards are Fishing at Deosai



Deosai Road Tourists

Road Leopards on the way to Deosai Skardu

Tourist in Deosai

Deosai Skardu

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