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Places to visit in Chitral

Shandoor Polo Ground

Chitral is one of the most beautiful valley located in Northern Pakistan. The valley is located in between Hindukush mountain range.

Here is the list of top most beautiful places to visit in Chitral:

Ayun Valley

Ayun valley is located between Chitral town and Kailsah Valley.

Kailsah Valley

Kailash valley is famous for its rich culture and people.

Tirch Mir

Tirch Mir is the highest peak of Hindukush mountain range.


Shandoor is located in between Chitral and Ghizer district of Gilgit Baltistan.

Kalash Museum

It is located on Bamboret road in which leads to Kalash valley.

Shahi Qila

It is located beside Shahi Masjid in Chitral town.


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