PIA landed plane during heavy rain fall at Skardu airport

PIA landed plane during heavy rain fall at Skardu airport. PIA surprized tourists and passenger by landing plane during heavy rainfall at Skardu airport. Usually flights are cancelled by PIA and CAA in bad weather but this time plane landed in heavy rain. PIA proved that the weather is not a big problem for Skardu airport, last year a plane was landed during snowfall. This proved that Skardu airport is actually all weather airport where flights can operate regularly without any delay. But PIA and CAA must take serious steps to operate regular flights.

PIA also announced that two flights will be operated from 16 June due to increase in demand as tourists are flooding to Skardu in this summer. Tourists and local people applauded PIA’s decision to operated two flights on regular basis. Few days ago Tourists information desk is also established at Skardu airport.

Tourists and local people said that if PIA continue its operation on regular basis then it will boost tourism in the region. Which can increase Pakistan’s foreign reserve.

Skardu Baltistan region can become a world best tourism destination if PIA and CAA operate regular flights in all seasons. Here are few reasons why Baltistan region can become a world best destination:

  • 5 out of 14 hiughest 8000 meters peaks are located in Baltistan which can attract internation tourists.
  • World’s longest glaciers are located in Baltistan which includes Siachen, Biafo and Baltoro.
  • Deosai National Park is world’s second highest plateau and home to endangered species like Himalayan Brown Bear, musk deer and snow leopards.
  • The landscape of Baltistan is diverse here one can see deserts, lush green valleys, rivers, lakes, meadows and waterfalls.
  • Baltistan is also rich in culture and historical places. The historical places and culture of Baltistan are also an attraction for those who are interested in history, culture and landmarks.

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