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Pak Army Helicopter evacuated Polish climber Magdalena Gorzkowska to Skardu

Magdalena K2 Winter 2021

Pak Army Aviation Helicopter evacuated Polish climber Magdalena Gorzkowska from K2 base camp to CMH Skardu. She returned to base camp last night due to the complaint of stomach pain and vomiting. Among two female climbers, Tamara Lungar is still climbing and reached camp3. While Magdalena is shifted to CMH Skardu.Magdalena.
Twenty-six international climbers are attempting to scale K2 by Friday. She is 28 years old and had great achievements in mountaineering. She has climbed Mont Blanc, Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro. She also climbed Mount Everest and became the youngest Polish female climber. She is the first Polish female climber to scale Makalu without supplemental oxygen.

She later posted on Instagram about the incidents.

I did what I could, I made an attempt to reach the top in a state of health far from ideal. The morning on the day of departure and the mood was optimistic. Unfortunately, it only got worse with the height. I started giving back everything, including water, medicine, not to mention food. The trek to C1, which recently took us 4.5 hours from the Base Camp, this time turned into a drama. Apart from the huge exhaustion, my headlamp stopped working. All this happened in an area with a slope of at least 50 degrees, seeing nothing, I had to change the equipment in complete darkness, not being sure if I was choosing the right rope. I was groping for rocks to catch, and at the same time, I had to put a lot of effort into hammering into the ice, because I couldn’t find the steps. Further climbing was carried out in similar circumstances, not only in the ice area. We had a huge time delay. Fortunately, Oswald was nearby, waiting for me, and he didn’t leave me even though he had lost all feeling in his feet and hands. I knew we still had to get to C1. The wind was blowing stronger and the temperatures exceeded -40 degrees. At the last 50 meters, Sherpas with tea and light reached us. Even then I knew that I had to realistically assess my strength and going further up would be stupid. Yesterday morning I woke up in terrible condition, with severe abdominal pain and cramps. I took the medicines and 3 sips of tea immediately. I knew I had to descend as soon as possible. It was not easy, as the pain began to intensify, and I knew that I had to focus on every movement and fastening the rope. We went all the way safely. Then a few hours of arduous return to the Base from ABC. My condition was very bad, I called the insurer. It was possible to contact the Pakistani Army which has helicopters very efficiently and to arrange a helicopter to take me from the Base. I’m already in Skardu, just reducing the height has given me a huge improvement in health. For the first time in 5 days, I have an appetite and the pain has stopped.
I gave it my best, I couldn’t do anything more on this trip.
Thank you with all my heart for being with me.

As per the latest report, more than 20 climbers from Italy, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Germany, Nepal, Poland, Iceland, and Pakistan are climbing K2. Some climbers have crossed camp 3. While others are ascending from camp 2 and camp 3 respectively. Pakistani father and son Ali Sadpara, Sajid Sadpara, and Icelander John Snorri arrived at 6874 meters on K2.

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