Nanga Parbat Trapped Climbers will be rescued by using Helicopters tomorrow

Skardu: Tomorrow in the morning two helicopters will fly for the K2 basecamp with equipment to bring four climbers: Adam Bielecki, Piotr Tomala, Jarek Botor and Marek Chmielarski). Helicopters will take these four climbers to Nanga Parbat to rescue trapped Polish climbers.

The two-member expedition team, comprising Polish mountaineer Tomek Mackiewicz and Frenchwoman Elisabeth Revol, appears to have gone missing while trying to scale Nanga Parbat. On Thursday they reached at an altitude of 8000 meters. After that nobody had been able to contact the two climbers. The severing of communication with the team at such a high altitude was considered to be dangerous for the mountaineers, the sources said. The two-member team attempting to reach the summit of Nanga Parbat in winter had started their expedition on Jan 8. The Polish media said the two mountaineers had reached an altitude of 7,300 metres and wanted to reach the summit on Thursday. They said that people at the base camp were extremely concerned about the safety of the two climbers.

As of 02:00 PM PST, one of the missing climber Elisabeth seen from the base camp by their team with binoculars and Tomek is seen coming down with frostbites but still crawling. Tomorrow two helicopters will fly from Skardu to K2 basecamp to bring 4 climbers to rescue the trapped climbers on Nanga Parbat. As of news received from Askari Aviation Authority the rescue team will pick the four climbers at 08:00 AM at Pakistan Standard Time from K2 base camp. The helicopter will try to locate some suitable place to land as close as possible or the rescue climbers will be dropped through rope or jump. There is also discussion to drop some food.

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