Murree Snowfall

Murree Snowfall Season Weather and Tourist Information

Murree Snowfall Season

Murree is a famous hill station in Punjab, Pakistan. It is located 30 Km northeast of Islamabad the capital city of Pakistan. Murree snowfall season is very beautiful and romantic. It attracts lot of tourists from all over Pakistan. Murree is easily accessible hill station which is connected with Islamabad by two way motorway.

Murree Current Weather Forecast

Murree current weather forecast. Check out Murree snowfall weather forecast.


Murree and Galiat region is famous for their pine forests and green hills. On clear sunny day snowy peaks of Kashmir can be seen from Murree and sometimes Nanga Parbat can also be seen.

Murree Snowfall

When snowfall starts in Murree?

Murree receives heavy snowfall in the month of January to February. Mostly heavy snowfall starts in the month of February. Snow fall chance is very high in December and January.

Murree Weather Forecast

Weather in Murree is unexpected. If you are planning a trip to see snow fall in Murree then check weather forecast in Murree before departure. Murree is located in the outer Himalayas region. The weather in  Murree is rainy, snowy and tropical. Murree weather is unexpected.

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Famous Tourist Destination in Murree

New Murree (Old name is Patriata)  is one of the famous tourist attractions in Murree. Patriata,is located 15 km  from Murree Hills. In Patriata (New Murree) there is a chairlift. This place is famous due to bird eye view from chairlift to Kashmir mountains. Patriata is the highest point of Murree Hills and perhaps the highest point in Punjab province as well.  Other famous destination in Murree includes Ayubia ,there are four hill stations which are Ghor Daka, Khanspur, , Khairagali and Changla Gali. There are caps, cultural shawls and necklaces in Ayubia shops .

Nathiagali which is also a famous tourist destination and hill station in Abbotabad , Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan can be accessed from Murree.  Check out this to read more about Nathiagali and other destinations Top Photographs Nathiagali to Shogran Naran Babusar

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  1. Sir Ap bata skty hain k murree me snowfall kab ho gi. Kue k main apny doston k sath 9 se 12 feb tak murree aa rha hn. Kia in dino me snow ho gi wahan pe????

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