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Khaplu Valley Most Romantic Honeymoon Destination in Gilgit Baltistan

Khaplu Fort Nightview

Khaplu Overview

Khaplu valley is located in Baltistan. Khaplu valley is one of the most beautiful valleys of Gilgit Baltistan. Khaplu valley is also called Ghanche . The valley is famous for its historical buildings, fruit trees, highest peaks and romantic views of rivers and streams. Khaplu is located 103 KM from Skardu city. You can visit Khaplu with your own private cars, jeeps or public transport.


Arrival in Islamabad

Islamabad to Skardu (By Air 45 minutes)

Skardu to Khaplu 103 Km

Why to Go

A romantic view of Karakoram Mountains, historical buildings, heritage hotels and beautiful water streams make Khaplu a dream honeymoon destination. The local food at Khaplu Palace is just another reason to visit Khaplu valley.

machulu ghanche khaplu baltistan

Machulu Village Photo Sultan Jalaluddin

When to Visit

You can visit Khaplu valley in fall, summer, winter and spring season. But best season to visit Khaplu is summer, spring and fall. The romantic view of fall season in Khaplu can’t be imagined when colors of all tress changed into red, brown and yellow. The romantic autumn season can be enjoyed fully in Khaplu valley. Similarly during spring blossom apricot, almond, apple and cherry trees bloom. The romantic spring season has its own feelings and views which cannot be expressed in words. The summer season has its own beauty when whole valley looks like a paradise.

Where to Stay

There are many hotels and guest houses to stay in Khaplu valley. These are the famous hotels in Khaplu: PTDC Khaplu motel, Karakoram lodge, PWD Guest house Khaplu, Guest house Hushe and Sereena Khaplu Fort. Sereena Khaplu fort provides local dishes. You can taste some local Balti dishes. Khaplu fort once the residence of royals now restored by Agha Khan Foundation and converted into Sereena heritage hotel.

Khaplu Fort Ghanche Baltistan

Khaplu Fort Photo Noorbakhshi World

 What to Do

Khaplu Fort Nightview

Khaplu Fort Nightview Photo Adeel Anwar

Khaplu is rich in culture, history and tradition as well as natural beauty. There are many historical buildings in Khaplu valley which dates back to 1200-1300 AD . Khaplu valley was one of the ancient kingdoms of Batistan. It was ruled by Yabgo dynasty. You can visit Khaplu fort if you have not stayed there. Chaqchan mosque is one of the ancient mosques in Gilgit Baltistan which was built by Sufi saint Syed Ali Hamadani. You can visit Hushe valley which is a beautiful valley where you can see the beautiful and romantic Masherbrum peak. There are many hotels and guest houses in Hushe too. Hushe is a hub of mountaineering and trekking in Gilgit Baltistan. Each year thousands of trekkers and climbers visit Hushe valley to scale the mountains of Karakoram. The fresh and crystal clear water of Ghanche stream is beyond imagination.

To enjoy local food you can stay at Khaplu Fort a.k.a Yabgo Khar. Here you will find some delicious local Balti foods. Here is the name of some Balti foods : Kisir, Apricot cake, Prapo, Hrsab khur, Tras Bala and Mar Zan. Balay (Noodles) are famous food which is cooked and presented in ordinary restaurants on street too.

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