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Karakoram Highway Road Trip Cross Country Adventure in Gilgit Baltistan

Karakoam Highway Passu Cones

Karakoram Highway

Karakoram highway is one of the man made wonder in the world.  Karakoram Highway connects Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan with Xinxiang Yughur Autonomous region of China via Khunjarab passe at an altitude of 4693 m. It is also known as KKH. KKH passes through difficult terrain of Karakoram mountains that’s why it is also called as 8th wonder of the world.  Official name of KKH is N35 in Pakistan. In China it is known as China National Highway 314.

Karakoram Highway Khunjarab

Karakoram Highway highest paved international road Photo Farooq Rauf



Asian Highway AH4

KKH is part of international Asian Highway AH4 which starts from Karachi Pakistan and passes through Gilgit Baltistan. Asian Highway AH4 ends in Novosibirsk Russia.

Towns on Karakoram Highway

Starting from Hassan Abdal Pakistan KKH passes through lush green villages and towns of Hazara.  Some famous towns on Karakoram Highway are:

Hassan Abdal

Karakoram Highway starts from Hassan Abdal Pakistan. Hassan Abdal is a historic town famous for its historical sites. The famous for Sikh gurduwara Panja Sahib the sacred place in Sikh religion.

Mansehra and Abbotabad

The Hazara division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province is a lush green and beautiful. There are many famous towns in Hazara. Mansehra is the capital of Hazara division. Abbotabad is just another beautiful city and hill station. Abbotabad is famous in Pakistan due to pleasant weather, high quality schools and colleges and Pakistan military academy Kakol.


Besham is another town on Karakoram Highway. The town is just famous due to Karakoram Highway as passengers stop in this town for a while for refreshments, There are many hotels in Besham which opens 24 hours.


At Chilas KKH enters in Gilgit Baltistan the land of highest mountains and glaciers.  Chilas is an ancient town in Diamer district Gilgit Baltistan. Chilas is famous for its centuries old rock carvings. These rock carvings date back to 1000 BC.  After crossing Chilas you can see mighty Nanga Parbat 9th highest peak in the world at Raikot bridge.


passu cones and KKH

Stunning view of Passu cones KKH Photo Nusrat Almgmir Shah

At Jaglote Skardu Road starts towards east of Karkoram Highway.After passing through sandy terrains Karakoram Highway enters Gilgit which is a capital of Gilgit Baltistan. Gilgit is now becoming a trade hub in the region. In Gilgit city you can buy local items including dry fruits, handicrafts jewelries and gemstones. The next destination is Hunza valley which is a beautiful valley. Hunza was an ancient kingdom. Read more about Hunza here Hunza Valley.

karakoram highway

Karakoram highway Khunjarab Pass Photo Nusrat Alamgri Shah




Karimabad is the capital town of Hunza. Enjoy a beautiful day in Hunza valley and witness the calm and beautiful nature. Hunza is rich in fruits. The longevity of Hunza people is due to these fruits which they eat. Hunza is not less than a paradise on earth. Visit Baltit fort, Altit fort and Rakaposhi view point.

The next stop on KKH is Khunjarab Pass. Khunjarab Pass connects Pakistan and China . Khunjarab area is a National Park . Morco polo sheep is an endangered animal found in Khunjarab National Park.

Old silk route Karakoram Highway

Ancient silk route now turned into highway Photo Laiq Gujar

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