Italian alpinist died while attempting ski descent of Laila Peak

Italian Alpinist died while attempting ski descent of Laila Peak

One climber died while attempting first ski descent of Laila Peak located in Karakoram range Hushe valley Baltistan. 28 years old Leonardo Comelli died while skiing from Laila Peak other climbers Zeno Cecon ,Enrico Mosetti,  and Carlo Cosi are unhurt. The four members of this Italian team reached Peak base camp in late May to attempt first ski descent of north west face of Laila Peak. After setting their base camp at 5350 m they made their final push towards 6096m summit. They turned back 150 m below the summit as the snow conditions were not ideal at top . According to sources Leonardo Comelli lost his balance and fell 400 m down steep terrain.

Laila Peak 6096m is a stunning peak located in Karakoram range near to Gondogoro pass. The peak is famous for its beautiful view from its base camp. It is also called queen of Karakoram due to its beautiful look. Hushe village is the gateway to this peak . The peak is located on the way to Gondogoro pass, the highest pass in the world. This peak has a distinctive spear-like shape and its NW face has 45 degree slope in 1500 vertical meters. It is like a needle directed vertically towards sky. The peak has mix of glaciers, snow and granite rocks. So climbers should have rock climbing and snow climbing experience at a time. It is considered one of the most difficult mountain to climb. Due to which it has been climbed by seven people till now. It was first climbed by English climber Simon Yates and his team. Laila Peak is 6096 meters high. It was first climbed in winter season by Spanish climber Alex Txikon and José Fernandez in February 2013.

First Ski Attempt of Laila Peak

The first ski attempt were made by alpinists Jorgen Aamot and Fredrik Ericsson from Scandinavian countries in 2005. They tried their best to reach top but they could not reach the top of this peak. They called it the most amazing mountain in the world. The peak is like a needle. It straight up in the sky. On June 18 2005 Frederik and Jorgen reached the base camp of Laila Peak (4150 m). On June 22 they reached at 5000 m. They continued climbing and after seven hours they reached just 100 meters from main summit . They started skiing from this point when they realized that it was too difficult to climb further. They ski down towards Gondogoro glacier. Finally they successfully ski down and became the first alpinists to ski down Laila Peak.

Most climbers try to ski down mountains in Karakoram and Himalayas. Even some climbers tried to ski down from K2 , the second highest peak in the world. Some successfully did it while others fail . The reasons for failing could be different, which may be climber’s own fault or climbers don’t have experience or any natural disaster take their lives. But climbers are crazy they do what they think.

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Laila Peak
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