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Infrared cameras(FLIR) is being used to locate missing climbers at K2

FLIR infrared using at K2 search operation

Search and rescue operations resumed at K2. This time authorities have started using modern technologies to locate missing climbers Ali Sadpara, John Snorri, and Juan Pablo Mohr. Second Forward Looking Infrared cameras are being used to locate missing Muhammad Ali Sadpara from Pakistan, John Snorri from Iceland, Juan Pablo Mohr from Chile. Pakistan Airforce PAF special C1-30 planes flew to K2. Today weather is also clear at K2. Meanwhile, virtual basecamp carried out the analysis of the picture of geospatial data received from Chile and Iceland space agencies. Fresh satellite images were provided by the Iceland space agency.

Minister Tourism Gilgit Baltistan Raja Nasir Ali Khan said that “search and rescue operation will continue for 60 days until we find them.” While high altitude climbers Imtiaz and Akbar are at K2 basecamp to start ground search operation. SAR team is using all options with the help of the Pakistan Army.

Experts say that chances to find them alive are evaporating. SST team leader Chhang Dawa Sherpa said that Ali Sadpara is a strong climber, it is possible that he could come back safely. There are some cases in the past as two climbers returned safely after spending two nights above 8000 meters on K2 a few years ago, but that was summer season.

Muhammad Ali Sadpara has become a national hero in Pakistan. He has become an inspiration for youth. People still think that he may have made a snow cave. As he had said in an interview that, “In case I got stuck in mountains I will make a snow cave and I can survive for several days.” That’s why people are praying for his safe return. This time government is also utilizing all resources to locate the missing climbers.

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