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Myth about Hunza People who live more than 100 years

Hunza people

Myth and Facts About Hunza People of Gilgit Baltistan

There is a lot of myth about the Hunza people. Hunza valley is located in Gilgit Baltistan region. Hunza people live in between the highest mountains of Karakoram.

Who are Hunza People?

Hunza people also called Burosho people or Hunzakutz live in Hunza valley Gilgit Baltistan. They have their own separate language which is unique in the world. Burushaski language has no connection with any language in the world. Besides language, they have their own unique culture and tradition.

Hunza People

Hunza Valley women drying apricots

Here are some myths about Hunza people:


They live long for more than 100 years. The average age of Hunza people is 110 years. As, Hunza food contains a lot of natural herbs, fruits, and minerals, which keep them healthy. Moreover, unpolluted air, freshwater, and hard work increase their lifespan.

No Cancer

It is thought that Hunza people are cancer-free. This may be a myth. But the Hunza valley cancer myth is based on medical facts. Hunza people eat Apricot seeds, which contain vitamin B12. It is medically proved that Vitamin B12 can protect from cancer. In Hunza, people eat a lot of apricot seeds. Besides this apricot has many products which are:

  • Apricot Oil
  • Apricot Jam
  • Apricot Cake
  • Dried Apricot
  • Apricot Soup

Having Children after the age of 60

It is common to have children after the age of 60. This is common all over Gilgit Baltistan.

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Usage of glacial water is the secret to their gorgeous skin and healthy lifestyle

Hunza people only drink and bathe in the glacial water that comes directly from the glaciers which contain minerals. Glacial water contains a lot of minerals including Potassium, calcium, iron, and other useful minerals. As these come from natural sources so they act as a natural agent, which makes them healthy. Hunza valley women, Hunza valley girls, and men work hard. So they are healthy like sportsmen.

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Non-Oily and Non-Spicy Foods is The Reason for Longevity

Hunza people don’t eat too much oily and spicy foods. Most of their foods are cooked without oil. They don’t consume too much spice, chilies, and fried foods.

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