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Here’s How Samsung is Using 5G Technology in Their Smartphones

5G Technology

The hum of 5G is being heard from everywhere in the technology world. The MWC Barcelona 2019 had a theme of 5G which engulfed device makers, to telecom providers, towards network equipment manufacturers. OnePlus, Xiaomi, Huawei, and other smartphones brands have made their pace faster on the road of latest technologies.

5G Technology

But… Samsung has something beyond, all these phones have! Samsung’s functioning on a working 5G network is based on its own network innovation in association with local telecom operator Orange. Samsung mobiles company has developed a networking booth for a good reason after all. For the reduction of weight, size, and power consumption of 5G base stations, all this setup is initiated. Intriguing? Find more about the 5G deployment of Samsung here!

5G Chips for Base Station by Samsung

Who said that smaller can never be better? for 5G base stations,  Samsung’s new RFICs are the size of a penny. It’s DAFE too has a notable cute. This chip enables Samsung to deliver 5G base stations with a 25% decrease in size, weight, and consumption of power. Samsung is endeavoring to stand out with the most efficient implementation of 5G networks. Since, Huawei world’s telecom equipment supply has been barred US, Australia and New Zealand for 5G rollouts. Samsung is all ready to take over the company by the glorified storm of technology.

Samsung has played smartly by developing a partnership with Verizon and Sprint in the US. For the deployment of 5G and mobile connectivity services, these companies will put their efforts forward. Samsung has rolled out its 5G trials in Romania, Turkey, Germany, Italy, and India as well.

Welcoming Samsung’s 5G Smartphones

Since the equipment of Samsung’s 5G network is available, now it’s time for Samsung 5G smartphones worldwide. Only in front of MWC, Samsung reported the Galaxy Fold (which will have a 5G variant) and the Galaxy S10 5G. The 5G variation of the Galaxy Fold will be accessible in Korea once the fifth-gen arrangement is properly deployed. While the S10 5G will be major to Verizon and its launched date hasn’t made news yet.

At MWC, Samsung revealed they are looking forward to Long battery phones with at least a one-day duration. They are making efforts in order to bring inexpensive 5G mobiles worldwide. This South-Korean company wants its 5G phones to be accessible to everyone.  These phones will run on Qualcomm’s 5G-powered chipsets, as per expected. However, talking with Qualcomm executives revealed that 5G in cheap phones is entirely Samsung prerogative. No low-cost chipset can compete with the Qualcomm high-end quality, however.

5G- In the Global World

Samsung’s profound promise to drive 5G all-around can be found in how significantly the company is putting resources into the technology. With the creation of strong 5G infrastructure, Samsung would manage its smartphone technology as a headstart in market competition. Actually, Samsung has been focused on putting $22 billion in 5G technology to increase a 20% part of the overall industry by 2020. At MWC in Barcelona, Samsung indicated their different 5G base stations that are expected to expand network limit and data speeds. Samsung displayed solutions for both sub and over 6GHz range groups. Samsung incorporated a 3.5GHz Base Station with 100MHz transmission capacity, something Indian telcos, Department of Telecommunications (DoT) and Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) are likewise inspired by.

5G Networking in Pakistan

In the past decade, 5G technology was just a fantasy but now it’s turned into a reality. 5G is literally the Fifth generation of mobile networking which will soon restore the 4G LTE connection. It will allow the user to download and upload anything much faster than ever before. Latency will drastically decrease and will let the devices connect in seconds. Latency is basically the total time information takes to reach the destination and then returning back.

In Pakistan, 5G services are tested by three major Telecom companies including Jazz and Zong.  Jazz was successful in attaining the whooping speed of 1.42Gbps. the technical office of Jazz quoted that,

“Speed has been our biggest advantage. I believe that achieving this superior speed in 5G testing clearly demonstrates the technical superiority that Jazz has always maintained. Jazz was independently recognized to have the highest speeds in 4G as well”

CMPak, famously known as Zong conducted a 5G trial successfully. Zong was the pioneer of 4G networks in Pakistan and has pushed the digital agenda forward throughout the country. The Chairman and CEO of Zong Wang Hua revealed:

“Zong has become the first operator in Pakistan to successfully conduct 5G trial and this is yet another milestone for the company”

Samsung launched the very first 5G powered phone in Pakistan “Samsung Galaxy S10 5G”. Since the above mentioned companies have attained the licence of 5G networking, more and more Samsung mobiles are on its way to Pakistan. This 2020, Pakistan will be in a better Digital Space!

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