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Gilgit Baltistan will be made a tourism hub – PM Imran Khan

Imran Khan Gilgit Baltistan

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Gilgit Baltistan has a lot of opportunities in the tourism sector. We are going to make this region a tourism hub. Switzerland earns billions of dollars from the tourism sector. Gilgit Baltistan is more beautiful than Switzerland. A lot of money can be made by focusing on tourism and GB people will not have to go anywhere for employment. We will focus on the development of tourism in Gilgit Baltistan. I have visited Gilgit Baltistan and I know the importance of this region. The government is intended to uplift the tourism sector of Gilgit Baltistan and all steps are being taken for this purpose. Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed these views while responding to the queries of the citizens through telephone.

We will make Gilgit Baltistan a tourism hub PM Imran Khan

Furthermore, he said that government will pay special attention to promote tourism in Gilgit Baltistan. Concrete steps are being taken to promote tourism in Gilgit Baltistan. Two major highways are being opened for this purpose. He said that small hydropower plants are being built in the region to overcome the electricity crisis. He said that the government is also planning to build a gird station in Gilgit Baltistan. While responding to a question through telephone he said that you mean the government will fail, Allah has tested me more than the rest of the people and gave me more success.

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