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Gilgit Baltistan Newspapers

There are dozens of newspapers in Gilgit Baltistan which publish daily news from around Pakistan and Gilgit Baltistan. Here is the list of some famous news papers of Gilgit Baltistan. Daily K2 is considered the most famous newspaper in Gilgit Baltistan.

1. Daily K2 Newspaper

Daily K2

Daily K2 is an Urdu Newspaper from Gilgit Baltistan. The newspaper was started by late Raja Hussain Khan Maqpoun.It consists of 8 pages full of Urdu news from Gilgit Baltistan and Pakistan. It costs 10 Rs. Karakoram Publishing Network publishes daily newspaper from Gilgit, Rawalpindi Islamabad and Karachi simultaneously.It is the largest Urdu newspaper of Gilgit Baltistan. It is published under the  auspices of Karakoram Publishing Network. They also operate FM99 radio in Gilgit and Skardu. Click here to read Today’s Paper Daily K2 Latest News .

2. Daily Baad-e-Shimal

Daily Baadeshimal

Daily Baad-e-Shimal is one of the famous daily Urdu newspaper of Gilgit Baltistan. Muhammad Abid Abdullah Khan is the chief editor and Bashir Ahmed Khan is managing editor. Daily Baad-e-shimal was started as a weekly Urdu newspaper from Lahore. Later it become a daily newspaper. Baad-e-Shimal is among few newspapers from Gilgit Baltistan which is regularly publishing news for long time. Since a long time Daily K2 and Baad-e-Shimaal is two leading newspaper in Gilgit Baltistan.

Click here to read Daily Baad-e-Shimal

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3. Daily Salam

Daily Salam Gilgit Baltistan

Daily Salam is another daily Urdu newspaper of Gilgit Baltistan publishing from Islamabad/Rawalpindi and Gilgit Baltistan simultaneously. Muhammad Ashraf Ashoor is chief editor and Jafar Ali is editor. Daily Salam is published under Gilgit Baltistan Publishing Network. Daily Salam team claims that they are providing authentic,  informative, educational, practical, interactive, social, political,societal, reliable and other news to the public.

Click here to read Today’s Paper Daily Salam

4. Daily Baidar Gilgit Baltistan

Daily Daidar Gilgit Baltistan

Daily Baidar is another yet another emerging newspaper from Gilgit Baltistan. The famous poet Mir Aslam Hussain Sahar is the chief editor, Jafar Ali is editor and Sajjad Hussian is the managing editor of Daily Baidar. The newspaper is publihsed by editor from Rawalpindi Pakistan.

Click here to read Baidar

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