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GB Assembly members demand reopening of Pak China border for trade

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The Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly has unanimously passed a resolution calling for the reopening of the Pak-China border from April 1. The resolution calls on the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to reopen the Pak-China border from April 1 for trade. The resolution said that under the border agreement, the Pak-China border is opened for trade every year from April 1 to December 31, but last year the Pak-China border was closed for trade due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Trade activities on the Pak-Afghan border and Pak-Iran border continued throughout the year despite the outbreak of Coronavirus. Therefore, this House demands that the Pak-China border should be opened for all kinds of trade and commercial activities from April 1.

Opposition leader Amjad Hussain Advocate presented the resolution in the House on Tuesday. Supporting the resolution, Finance Minister Javed Ali Manwa said that we realize that the Pak-China border is closed. Gilgit-Baltistan traders are facing difficulties due to this. Therefore, we are trying to keep the border open for the whole year and to amend the Border Agreement. A committee of the House should be formed to amend the Border Agreement and keep the border open for the whole year.

Supporting the resolution, Haji Rehmat Khaliq of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam said that goods are imported from China while goods cannot be exported to China from Pakistan. Steps should be taken to export goods from Pakistan to China as well. He said that we are in contact with the federal government. The federal government has decided to re-open the Pak-China border from April 1 and we have also informed the traders of Gilgit-Baltistan about the decision of the government. All the members supported the resolution on which Deputy Speaker Nazir Ahmed announced the unanimous approval of the resolution.

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