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Families confirmed the death of Ali Sadpara, John Snorri and JP Mohr

Ali Sadpara Missing K2

Skardu Families of Ali Sadpara, John Snorri from Iceland, and JP Mohr from Chile confirmed the death of 3 climbers. They explained that the incident occurred while descending from the summit. Families in a press conference with the GB tourism minister in Skardu finally confirmed the death of Ali Sadpara.

Ali Sadpara, John Snorri, and Juan Pablo Mohr were climbing on Bottleneck K2(8200 meters) on 5th February 2021. Sajid son of Ali Sadpara last time seen them climbing up at Bottleneck. Sajid returned back from Bottleneck due to a malfunction of his oxygen bottle. Sajid waited at camp 3 for Ali and other climbers. 20 hours later Ali Sadpara, John, and JP Mohr didn’t come back to camp3. Sajid decided to climb up to see what happened, but base camp staff stopped Sajid from climbing again as the weather was worsened on K2. Basecamp staff told Sajid to return back. He descended back to BC. Pak Army started a helicopter search operation to locate missing climbers. But couldn’t find any trace. Later satellite images and FLIR infrared cameras were used to locate the missing climbers. The efforts continued for several days, but bad weather thwarted multiple attempts to search for the missing climbers. Finally, today the families of 3 climbers confirmed their death in a press conference in Skardu.

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