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Exclusive Update John Snorri arrived at camp 2 on K2

K2 Winter Expedition 2020 2021

Exclusive updates from K2 Winter Expedition 2020-21

John Snorri updated that they have reached camp 2 on K2. He said that,

Me, Ali, and Sajid have just arrived to camp 2 and it is -30 C. We plan to stay here overnight. It was difficult to climb from camp 1 to camp 2. There is massive blue ice and it is hard to pick the ice with the crampons. Lot of rocks collapsing towards us so we had to keep 100% focus. The crampons on my left foot got loose and fell off but we managed to save it and my jumar ascender was always freezing. Still we are feeling good but really craving coca cola
My battery on my Garmin is almost out so, if you cant see my arrow moving you know why.
Please follow us I will use the Mini garmin in the mountain.
Mini garmin ?

K2 Winter Expedition 2020 2021 John Snorri

This year more than 60 climbers from around the world will try to climb K2 in winter. The savage mountain has never climbed in winter till now. John Snorri, Ali Sadpara, and Sajid could make a new record by conquering the savage mountain this year.

Today SST K2 Winter expedition team members also reached at base-camp. SST team is lead by Nepali Sherpa Chhang Dawa.

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