Districts of Gilgit Baltistan are not included in Pakistan Citizens’ Portal App

Districts of Gilgit Baltistan are not included in Pakistan Citizens’ Portal

Districts of Gilgit Baltistan are not included in Pakistan Citizens’ Portal App. The PM Office is supervising redressing of public grievances by the departments concerned and considering the feasibility of public proposals sending to it by the citizens.

The integrated system is an initiative of the Prime Minister Performance Delivery Unit (PMDU). It has the latest information technological tools for its functioning as claimed during its launching ceremony.



When Pakistan citizens’ portal app was launched few months ago, Prime Minister Imran Khan said at that time that the this app would be a leap forward as people from all provinces and territories and overseas Pakistanis could help spruce up the governance through complaining and suggestions on various working and issues. Citizens from 4 provinces of Pakistan are successfully using the portal and complaints are being registered. The portal contains 20 different inbuilt categories (3,796 offices) for facilitation and the citizens, Parliamentarians, overseas Pakistanis and foreigners will have to complete the registration process before accessing its various tools and pages.

In this app all 4 provinces and their respective districts are included in the list. Even districts of Azad Kashmir are listed there. But districts of Gilgit Baltistan are missing in the application.

To register a complaint first the user has to enter his details to create an account. The user has to provide his full name, CNIC, password, cell number, province and district. Without selecting respective district account couldn’t be created. When Gilgit Baltistan is selected as a province then districts of Gilgit Baltistan don’t appear there. So users can’t register their account. When we checked Azad Kashmir the districts of AJK are listed there. We don’t know whether this is a bug or they didn’t listed GB districts in the database intentionally.

We hope that PM office, developer or relevant authorities will check the issue and fix it so that citizens of Gilgit Baltistan could also register complaints on this portal.

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