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American hunts Markhor in Rondu Valley Skardu

Markhor National Animal of Pakistan Trophy Hunting

American Hunter Richard Daniel Murphy hunts the highest-rated 41-inch horn trophy size Astore Markhor in Rondu valley Community Controlled Hunting Area (CCHA) of Skardu district. According to the wildlife department, this was the last trophy of Astore Markhor for the current trophy hunting season in Gilgit Baltistan.
The Gilgit-Baltistan wildlife department had auctioned four permits for Astore Markhor, 18 for Himalayan Blue Sheep, and 150 for Himalayan Ibexes under the trophy hunting program 2020-21.

The hunters have to pay a hunting fee; 80% of the hunting fee goes to the local community. The trophy hunting season starts in November and ends in April. These are old selected Markhors, ibexes, and blue sheep which are auctioned for hunting, and the money thus received is spent on the preservation of remaining younger animals. So this doesn’t endanger their population since these selective hunting programs are held by the wildlife department themselves. The hunting fee for Markhor is expensive as compared to other animals.

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