American hunter hunted 42 inch Markhor National Animal of Pakistan in Astore Gilgit Baltistan

American hunter hunted 42 inch Markhore National Animal of Pakistan in Doyan, Astore valley Gilgit Baltistan. He payed 83500 Us Dollar as a trophy hunting fee. Lawrence Walraven alrady hunted Chitral Markhore in Toshi Chuitral by paying 140,000 US Dollar. Wildlife department Gilgit Baltistan issues trophy hunting permission.

People of Doyan valley have been engaged with trophy hunting since 1996, upheld by the GB Parks and Wildlife Department and NGO’s. The Wildlife
Conservation Society (WCS)- Pakistan had given specialized training during 2018 to the Wildlife Protection and Social Development Organization (WCSDO), Doyan for refreshing their Conservation and Development Plan.
According to wildlife policy, 80% of the licence fee will go to Community for their preservation of these rare species. While Government of Gilgit Baltistan takes 20%.

In every winter wildlife department of Gilgit Baltistan issues licence for trophy hunting for different rare species including Markhor.

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