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Skardu.pk is a digital platform that creates trending and informative content. It is read by more than 100000 readers every month across the world. Skardu.pk features the following topics:

  • Travel
  • Health
  • Technology
  • Lifestyle
  • Education
  • Culture

Why Advertise with us?

Have a look at the following statistics:

Website Visitor Statistics

  • 103503 page views monthly.
  • 90% traffic from search engines.
  • 6240 followers on Youtube.
  • 13000 Followers on Twitter.
  • 38000 likes on Facebook Page.

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Sponsored Contents

Skardu.pk now also receive a form of advertisement commonly called sponsored content. It is a form of advertisement in which advertisers write a post about their product or company to be published on Skardu.pk. This type of advertising is also called native advertisement. You can write a post about your products or company and Skardu.pk will publish it. Rates are given below.


Header Banner: 150$ Monthly

Widget Ads:        :100$ Monthly

Sponsored Contents: 250$ per Post.

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