A massive landslide struck a village in Gojal valley in Hunza Gilgit Baltistan

A massive landslide struck a village in Gojal valley in Hunza district Gilgit baltistan and swept it’s way down to khunjarab river. No casualty reported. Aberrant weather, abrupt floods, rapid glacier melting have put the safety of indigenous communities in jeopardy. Due to its extreme proximity to the glaciers, many areas are under high risk of these sorts of calamities. Despite the fact that climate change is a global phenomenon (negative impacts of human activities are everywhere in the world), researches show that it is more likely a regional one. If we succeed to control pollution in a particular area, it will have little impact of pollution from anywhere else.

Concerted effort from all stakeholders including govt, NGOs must come up with comprehensive programmes to mitigate or minimize the negative impacts of climate change. Key themes must be awareness among local communities, controlling pollutants(plastics, smoke, garbage etc) in the region. Growing tourist and increased traffic volume have contributed considerably to the raising temperature in Gilgit baltistan, I which are main causes of glacier melting and landslides.

Landslide Gojal Hunza

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