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The 9 Best Scuba Diving Sites in Europe You Need to Try

scuba diving sites

List of 9 Best Scuba Diving Sites in Europe

Many divers go off to small, remote islands out in the tropics in order to get their deep sea diving needs met. Alternatively, there are more than a couple of Scuba diving sites in Europe that are worthy of exploration by diving enthusiasts, beginner and experienced. Here are ninth best scuba diving spots in Europe you need to go to if you want to have the diving experience of a lifetime.

scuba diving sites

Scuba Diving Sites

1. Eddystone Reef, England

You will want to have your camera ready when you go out and dive in at Eddystone Reef. Let the Eddystone Lighthouse guide you out to an underwater landscape filled with incredible reefs and some of the coolest looking fish around. Located in the south of England, Eddystone Reef is one of the best diving site in Europe. Eddystone Reef attracts diving fanatics from all around of the world because of its unique terrain.

2. Silfra, Thingvellir – Iceland

Iceland may not be the first location you put on your list of diving sites to visit, but this mysterious land has just as many interesting places to visit above the cliffs as it does below. The water may be frigid but the things you will see understand at Silfra, Thingvellir will leave you spellbound. Bring lots of insulation to keep you warm as you dive, explore and become familiar with the unknown.

3. Diamond Rocks, Kilkee – Ireland

This is yet another best scuba diving sites in Europe. The rolling hills of Ireland may be green but if you go out for a dive you will discover that the water off of the coast is green as well. Your view will be crystal clear and the tranquil waters will beckon you to do even more exploring of the Diamond Rocks in Kilkee, Ireland. Prepare to be dazzled by the rhythmic swaying of sea plants and you may even see a few whales swimming by.

4. Cirkewwa in Malta

Malta is home to one of the very best spots for diving in all of Europe. Scuba diving sites in Malta are restricted to a fairly small area, but there’s plenty of room for divers to skim the surface as well as go deep. You’ll be relaxed as you view the fabulous cliffs that make up Cirkewwa in Malta as the water stays comfortably warm all year.

5. Vis Island, Fortunal – Croatia

Croatia may be a small country but its coastline is filled with enough diving destinations to keep diving enthusiasts very well occupied. You will enjoy high visibility levels as you explore Vis Island off of the shores of Croatia. Move slow and be patient as this diving site in Europe is dense with surprises.

6. Chios Island in Greece

Get your fill of delicious Greek food just before you go under in exploration of starfish and other tropical marine life. Chios Island is a great destination for divers who are still getting their footing. Follow along the great wall and play hide and seek with the fish that make this diving site their

7. Zenobia, Cyprus

Have you ever wanted to explore an underwater wreck and do more than just swim around it? In Cyprus, divers have the opportunity to swim through openings and cracks in the exterior of the sunken ship Zenobia. Plenty of sea creatures have become well acquainted with the wreckage,making their homes within. The blue waters will make it easy for you to see as you move around and learn more about how the ocean can change any man made object over time.

8. Scapa Flow in Scotland

In Scotland, there are more wrecked ships in one location than in any other place in the world. From ships that went down during World War I to more modern wreckages, the bottom of Scapa Flow is made up of the remnants of history. Take deep water exploration to an entirely new level by visiting Scapa Flow.

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9. The Blue Hole of Gozo

Near Malta, the Blue Hole of Gozo is another attraction for divers the world over. Partially separated rom the ocean by large cliffs, this dive site is literally a deep pool that you won’t want to resist diving into. The water here is deep and the aquatic life is unlike any you have ever seen elsewhere.
If you want to go diving in Europe, just name a country and there’s likely a good spot for you to
become familiar with. From the cliffs of Malta to Scapa Flow in Scotland, there’s ships waiting for
you to explore and dolphins beckoning you to come in for a swim. Become familiar with the best
scuba diving spots in Europe so every holiday is memorable.

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