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5 types of people you will meet in your life

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5 Types of People

There are different types of people in the world. Everyday we encounter new people and we truly never know how meeting new people will effect our lives and to what extent they will change the direction of paths in our lives and verdicts we make while dealing with life and its challenges. . In fact these new people make meaning of our life give us new direction. New people either can make us inspire or leave us an irremovable, abstruse and kind of disgusting memory in our minds related to them.

Cut to the chase! I always yearned to meet and get to know about new people. As meeting new people means to come to know about new minds, ideas, perspectives and remarks. This can bring a human closer to the solution to get through life an exam and cop up with challenges a human comes to face during his entire life. Being a social human animal every human always used to venture out in search of certain souls who would put him/her on right road, which leads to destiny fixed by a specific person, and acts as a catalyst to heat up inner powers of that human to never give up, make lemonade of every lemon without getting goose bump off and raze to the ground in order to turn coins into money.

Keeping aforementioned aspiration under view today I’m going to let you know about what kind of people you will meet in future, sooner or later.

1. Social Butterfly

A Social butterfly is being defined as the person who used to be very social and amiable, it can either be a male or female. These social types of people usually don’t get stick to one person but rather they jump from one person to another. It would not be easy to count them as they don’t belong to any particular class of people. They are somewhat accepted in all of them, but do not really have any deep friendship connection with either group of people. In other words these are the people who used to be friendly and amicable with everyone but a friend of none in actual.

social people


2.The Overly-Sensitive

Almost every human during his sojourn in this world comes to encounter a sensitive or more than one person. By definition, a highly sensitive person is the one who has an innate degree of sensory processing sensitivity and emotional intelligence. Sensitive person is the one who takes not even a single jiffy to detect any kind of change or respond to an influence and spur, stimulus. Though! None loves to surround him/herself with an overly sensitive person because of their habit to react to every new action yet! These types of people  have a paramount and expedient value in our lives. They are primary to us in a sense that via their strong awareness to the natural environment they can beneficial when it comes to recognize threats and avoid dangerous situations. These people can be amazingly and incredibly intuitive. They tend to be more connected with both collective and personal unconsciousness, giving them access to information that comes to mind neither by brainstorming nor logic and reason.

sensitive people


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3. The Constant

Constant is the one who never gets changed no matter what situation and scenario it’s, it remains the same. Furthermore, Constant is the one who acts, behaves and treat everyone in a same manner always without caring for who’s being treated by him. These are people who can truly meet the actual meaning and aim of relations when it comes to friendship. The constant types of people can ever be weather like but will always be there to stand by our side.

constant consistent people

4. The I-Need-Your-Help

Since Homo sapiens are social animals and can’t live without interacting and serving each other out, without providing their every inch service to each other. Yet  help does not mean to ask and knock at the doors of people known to us every time for help but rather help should be sought only when in the absence of it. One would never bring his/her that specific task to an end or find it like a trek on K2 to complete. While covering the journey of life almost every human faces a person who without any hum and haw used to seek for help from everyone all the time despite of the fact that other people are too as busy with their work as the one who asks for help. But he does not care and give a damn about if the ones, he is asking for advocacy, are busy like a bee and making a hue and cry to get their work done right on time or they are free in a sheer way.  And Pathetically! They never stop knocking the door unless and until find their work completed.

Types of people helping

5. Soul Mate

According to ancient Greek philosophy specifically Plato

We were all once four-legged creatures with two bodies and one soul that were eventually split in half.

It is said that there is someone else out there who essentially completes us. Anyway! Soul mates are the ones who used to be archetype and an exemplary human for others to be followed by. It’s a fact that every human aspires for that specific and particular person who inspires him the most and on requirement injects right pedagogy altruistically about every situation and challenge into the vein of person he is ideal of. The one keep people whom he is surrounded by far away from evils, qualms, superstitious beliefs and wipe every single piece of rancorous factor and grudges out in order to bring them under the umbrella of satisfaction, includes satisfaction of soul and conscience, and switch deteriorated modes of their lives into amelioration. So this is how they comes  to complete our lives.




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