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5 Most Beautiful Places To Visit in Shigar Valley

Sarfa Ranga Cold Desert Jeep Rally

Shigar valley is they gateway of mighty K2. All trekking and mountaineering expeditions access K2 and Concordia via Shigar valley.

Here is the list of famous places to visit in Shigar Valley. The list only contains places to visit in Shigar except Baltoro valley.

Shigar Fort

Actual name of this fort is Fong Khar which means “The Palace on Rock”. This is one of the top most beautiful destination in Shigar. It is built by Raja Azam Khan in 17th century.  Sereena hotel leased it for 50 years. Now it is a heritage hotel.

Amburik Mosque

This 700 years old mosque is yet another place to visit in Shigar.

Xarba Tso Lake

Xarba Tso is derived from two Balti words Xarba means blind and Tso mean Lake. Neither the water of this lake come from nor it flow out. Therefore it is called Xarba Tso means blind lake.

Sarfa Ranga Cold Desert

This cold desert became famous during last two years due to international jeep rally which is held here.

Chotrun Hot Spirng (Garm Chashma)

Chotrun is a famous place in Shigar, It is famous for its hot spring. The natural hot spring water is considered a medicinal water. People swim in it to recover from different skin diseases.

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