5 Most Beautiful Places To visit in Hidden Paradise Rondu Valley Skardu

Many places in Baltistan are hidden from tourists. One of them is Upper valleys of Rondu. Rondu valley is stretched from Haramush in south-west to Kachura Bridge in north. The valley is narrowest like a gorge. The upper parts of Rondu valley is green and forested. There are meadows, forested valleys and lakes.

Here is top 5 stunning photos of  Thorsay Jaffer Abad and Bilamic Roundu. Thorsay Bilamik is located at 2 hours drive from Dambudas .

Rondu Valley
Bilamik Rondu Valley, Skardu Photo :Asif Kamal

How to reach there ?

Public transport is available form Skardu city to Dambudas and Dambudas to Bilamik. A jeepable road connects Bilamik with Skardu-Road.

Rondu Valley Skardu Baltistan
Photo :Asif Kamal

People and Geography

The people living in these valleys can speak two language Balti and Shina. They can speak both language like natives so its difficult to classify them as Balti or Shina.

Places to Visit in Baltistan Rondu
Photo Asif Kamal

The most important crop in thorsay Bilamic is potatoes and the people also cultivated the wheat. The tourist season starts from April. The area is arid and it receives more rain than other parts of Skardu therefore these valleys are pine forested and green. Juniper, pine trees, walnuts are found abundantly.

Rondu Valley Skardu
Photo :Asif Kamal

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